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Welcome to ConcertCare Connect

ConcertCare Connect is an industry leader and is a one stop shop for your telemedicine, telehealth, and E-Consultation solutions.  Our 5 STAR Platform is state of the art, secure cloud based, and HIPAA compliant, managing PHI without compromise.

Our 5 STAR Platform is EMR agnostic and fully customizable, integrating into your EMR, EHR, and Practice Management systems. It can perform a video recording of the visit. The platform enhances convenience and satisfaction for patients, provides reduced costs and improved efficiencies for hospitals, and allows the physician’s patients to take ownership of their health, improving the overall patient outcome.
The 5 STAR Platform is Provider and Patient focused and offers exceptional customer satisfaction.

“A study of 8,000 patients who used telemedicine services found no difference between the virtual appointment and an in-person office visit.”
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“Studies have shown that telemedicine allows providers to deliver the right care to patients at the right time, when they need it most.”
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“Statistics have shown that half of all U.S. hospitals currently have telemedicine programs.”
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"As the owner of Home Doctors Medical Associates, I have found ConcertCare and their team to be a 5 STAR company. They worked with us from the beginning to ensure that all barriers to providing telemedicine to home bound patients were alleviated. They spent countless amount of hours with my medical assistant (facilitator) to make sure she was comfortable navigating through the dashboard and connecting with the physician. She was free to make suggestions about simplifying the process when she is with a patient, and they immediately modified the changes to meet our needs. They even flew one of the development team members to our city to personally meet and train 3 more of our staff, and to discuss the clinical logistics with one of our physicians. Overall we are very excited to be using ConcertCare. Julie Dollar and Sriram were the reason for our success. I would also like to give a big thank you to Tanveer for all her patience and guidance through this on boarding process."

Tammy Javier
Home Doctors Medical Associates